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SheepRiver Great Pyrenees and Japanese Chin
(Site last updated 15th October 2012)

SheepRiver Great Pyrenees is located just southwest of Calgary, Alberta, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. With cold snowy winters, warm dry summers, and an elevation of over 4000 feet it is an ideal location for these rugged mountain dogs.

SheepRiver Great Pyrenees

The breeding philosophy at SheepRiver is to produce sound and healthy dogs with excellent temperament. Size and type are of utmost importance and all of our dogs are family companions. We have been participants in a pet therapy program for many years and we are frequent visitors at local hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Geraldine is a longtime member in good standing of the Great Pyrenees Club of Canada and the Canadian Kennel Club

You can contact SheepRiver Pyrenees by emailing sheepriver@xplornet.com or by telephone 403 938 2200 (please use the Canadian dialing code +1 if phoning from overseas).

Site last updated 15th October 2012

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